Advanced Project Management in many Information Technologies


We have been using Microsoft's Project management program for over 10 years, and are now upgrading to SmartSheets


We have been updating from MS Project to SmartSheets because:

  1. We can better insure that internal and external stakeholders can see the latest information, updated by the right people, at the right time.
  2. We reduce the need for excessive meetings and emails, that slow decision making. At the same time we find that everyone is on the same page with the programs automated notifications, reminders, and status reports.
  3. Since the program is web-based  it is easy for all the team to share detail history, and activity logs to achieve higher levels of clarity, which drives accountability. This has the net effect of reducing excuses, finger-pointing, or blame storming. 
  4. Through the use of their dash board   it is easy to modify our plan, as is so often called for, in an instant, so that we can focus on work, not managing your software.  


Our experience and innovative capabilities  serve us well when projects encounter the unknown and unanticipated. These capabilities enable us to best deliver project milestones on time and in compliance with projections. 

 We require our staff and associates to continue investigating new and developing technologies and solutions. We believe that our staff's efforts to always learn new things, contribute greatly to being able to best help and solve client problems.

These knowledge efforts include always making ourselves available to sales persons who may have something of value that we can use for our clients. Furthermore attendance at technology conferences , webinars and subscribing to numerous newsletters help in this regard. 

Lastly, holding memberships in technical organizations like the Society of Communications Technology Consultants, the Caribbean Telecommunications Council, InfraGard, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), The Optical Society (OSA) and the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), all help to further our knowledge and capabilities to help our clients.  


In addition to using advanced prompting via an industry best Project Management program, our Project Managers and Consultants must be able to clearly present their findings in a very comprehensively manner to administrators who may not be technically their equal and do so in a persuasive and believable manner. These presentations need to be in writing, in Power Point Presentations, and in one on one meeting discussions with the client or their representatives.


Since our clients, or their representatives represent varying levels of knowledge and experience, presentations must always include very specific details. If necessary the presenter must be able to reduce the technical minutia to the simplest of explanations.

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