Our Growing Team of Senior Subject Matter Experts:

Richard (Dick) Kaufman - Principal

Dick has significant experience & knowledge in Telecommunications, Cybersecurity (Privileged Access Management), and other Information Technologies. 

He has also served as a Founder and Past President of two Professional IT Societies and continues to investigate the very latest in technologies that may benefit his clients. He never stops learning.   

His other skills include assembling project teams, project management, and experience in dealing with the unknown and unanticipated. The latter serves well, to make certain that project goals are delivered on time and in compliance with expectations. 

Dick has used his comprehensive skills on a wide variety of IT projects, as both the leader of his own consulting firm and for different employers on a contract basis.  

He is an accomplished and experienced business manager and entrepreneur in Information technologies; and has successfully completed over 25 Consulting projects (one lasting 12 years), 14 Expert Witness Litigation's and has served as a contract employee internationally.  

Clients have included The City of New York, General Motors, British Airways, John Hancock, Equitable, Mass Mutual, Dreyfus Corp. and the Federal Communications Commission.

Mr. Kaufman is always seeking other senior IT Subject Matter Experts (SME) to collaborate with. He believes that having more knowledge and experience, to supplements his, better enables the Consultancy to provide the most comprehensive solutions for clients. 

Ranjan Dattagupta

 Ranjan Dattagupta is the EVP of 24x7 Systems and a thirty-five year industry veteran. He spent majority of his professional career at IBM Corporation. During his tenure at IBM, he held key leadership and management roles with the IBM Global Services and IBM Sales & Distribution organizations.His vast industry experience in multi-vendor technology to consult, design, and implement IT solutions and processes to achieve outcomes that deliver value; his professional concentration has been in providing leadership and guidance in sales, marketing, business transformation to sustain consistent growth and development for Fortune 1000 customers, including providing and supporting Coca-Cola Company worldwide.Ranjan masters and applies expert knowledge of information technology services experiences with very strong industry,technology and related regulatory acumen and expertise to attain business unit goals. His deep understanding of services organization, processes, go to market strategy and offerings has been key to his success; his strong organizational and management skills in implementing integrated services and enterprise consulting practices have helped enterprise organizations position their strategic services offerings globally.    


Dave Bernard


Dave's company, The Intellection Group, specializes in rapidly building sophisticated, high-quality and innovative technology solutions that deliver breakthrough business results. They create award-winning SaaS/Mobile/ERP projects for organizations and governmental agencies of any size. Given their abilities to solve stalled, broken, incomplete, and technology based project that have yet to begin, they have become well-known as the “vendor of last resorts” for many of their clients. They handle their client's toughest digital transformation problems.  

Dave is a creative problem solver with more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of the technology industry.  Dave has served as a principal in several other high-tech businesses, and is a mentor and board member for several companies and organizations in the autonomous/connected car, information technology, data publishing, healthcare, financial services, and education technology.  

Dr. Jon Anton

 Jon Anton- Veteran, is a Founder Emeritus of Benchmark Portal Inc. Dr. Anton is a Director - Benchmark Research of Purdue University’s Center for Customer-Driven Quality. He specializes in enhancing customer service strategy through inbound call center, and e-business centers, using the latest in telecommunications (voice), and computer (digital) technology. Dr. Anton also focuses on using the Internet for Call Center Benchmark Research. Based on the analysis of this data, Dr. Anton has authored 'The Purdue Page' in Call Center Magazine , plus 'Dr. Jon Benchmarks' in Call Center News. His current publications include Customer Inter@ation Solutions, new home to "The Purdue Page" and Customer Interface Magazine. Dr. Anton has assisted over 400 companies in improving their customer service strategy/delivery by the design and implementation of inbound and outbound call centers, as well as in the decision-making process of using teleservice providers for maximizing service levels while minimizing costs per call. In August of 1996, Call Center Magazine honored Dr. Anton by selecting him as an Original Pioneer of the emerging call center industry.   

Robert Deitz, II

   Robert Deitz, II – Veteran – 30+ years of experience with a Top Secret Security Clearance. He has worked with government agencies including OSD, NSA, DHS, State Department, DOJ, CENTOM, SOCOM, DCMA, Joint Staff, Commerce, and the DOE. For government agencies he has assisted in developing and modifying information assurance programs to adapt to new technologies and business processes. For manufacturers he has helped them to comply with government requirements such as NIAP, FIPS, IPv6, Section 508, and others. Mr. Deitz has the experience and knowledge needed to help guide our efforts in Cyber Security and best allow us to offer needed solutions and services to the Federal Government.    

David R. Kaufman

David R. Kaufman has 20+ years of successful experience in Strategy and Delivery marketing. His focus over the last five years has been to use Intelligent Process Automation such as Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive Machine Learning, and AI technologies.  

He is able to help clients improve their businesses through innovative strategy and the continuous pursuit of operations excellence. He applies rigorous analysis, world-class technology, and top-tier expertise to invigorate a client’s business.

His delivered automated processes yield an equivalent cost of about one-ninth the cost of an onshore FTE and one-third of an offshore FTE. 

From an efficiency standpoint his automated robot (virtual FTE) can outperform a human on quality, speed and error rate metrics. 

His developed automated processes can be scaled up or down as needed and do not require performance reviews or compensation increases and more importantly, robotic virtual workers do not depart for jobs with competitors.


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