We are staffed by the most Senior Subject Matter Experts

Our Teaming Business Model

The Technology Consultancy (TC) is built on the business concept of the Teaming of Independent Professionals, who are Senior Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), in Cybersecurity, Programming, Telecommunications and other technologies. Normally these SMEs would provide their professional services individually, and/or maintain a staff of persons to assist them.  

Richard (Dick) Kaufman - Veteran - is  a Founder and Past President of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants, a Project Manager, a Chief Identity & Access Management Architect and a Telecommunications SME. He is also the administrator, a project participant and the person who seeks Teaming members for the Alliance.  

For Cybersecurity we are staffed for the following areas:


  1. Single Sign On
  2. Identity Federation
  3. Enterprise Directory Architecture and Design
  4. Resource  Provisioning
  5. Privileged Access Management
  6. Multi-factor Authentication
  7. Multi-factor Biometric Authentication
  8. Behavioral Analytics
  9. LDAP and Active Directory
  10. Compliance

To further develop and deploy Cybersecurity and Identity & Access Management solution the team is very knowledgeable and experienced in Lifecycle concepts and Enterprise Development Systems:


1.  Software development lifecycle concepts:

     a. Source code management,  

     b. code review,  

     c. testing. 

2.  Enterprise Development Systems: 

     a. GitHub,  

     b. FogBugz,  

     c. BaseCamp,  

     d. Trello,  

     e. VersionOne,  

     f. Jenkins. 

     g. Jira 

Our Programming Tools include:

1.  SSO tools similar to:

     a. OpenIDM,          

     b. Okta,       

2.  Scripting tools:          

     a. Java/Goovy          

     b. Python.          

     c. Perl.

Our Senior SMEs are also experienced in most areas of Telecommunications to help clients. Wireless technologies include:

Visible Light Communications, LiFi, White-Fi Free Space Optics, WiFi, Millimeter Wave, CDMA, TDMA, WiMAX, P2P & P2MP Radio distribution systems using 2.4-4.9-5.8 GHz, Analog Trunked Radio systems, Digital trunked radio systems (IDEN & TETRA), Airport Ground Control radio systems, Digital Paging, Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) for Point of Sale, Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS), C & KU band Satellite Earth Stations and transponders, International Protected Microwave links using 2 to 6 GHz, Tropospheric Scatter Microwave Radio links and Public Power Utility SCADA systems. 

For Wired telecommunications technologies we cover :

  1. Plastic, Buried and Aerial Optical Fiber;
  2. Broadband over Power Line (BPL) Communications,
  3. Power over Ethernet (POE) and
  4. Outside Plant Coaxial cable and fiber splicing technologies.  

For Telecom Infrastructure systems we cover:

  1. Communications tower design and implementation, 
  2. Nuclear Power Supplies for LMR radio in very cold weather, 
  3. Telecom Collocation Facilities, 
  4. Alternative power generation (diesel, gas, solar and wind) for surveillance camera,  transmission systems, and collocation facilities.   
  5. Fusion centers to support incoming calls for assistance and outgoing messaging to alert and dispatch Police, Fire, Medical, Police and/or the Military.

For Telecom Switching systems we cover:

  1. Web-enabled contact center utilizing Predictive Dialing, and Intelligent routing, 
  2. Virtual Call Center Technology, 
  3. Voice Network designs, 
  4. Very large and small Digital PBX systems, 
  5. Voice Response Systems, 
  6. VoIP switching Systems for Local and Wide-Area, 
  7. IP-PBX's with automatic fail-over to a second IP-PBX.
  8. Specialized Commodity and Stock Broker Trading Turrets,   

We are travelers and conduct our projects on a world-wide basis


Most of us are multi-million mile flyers and minimally have worked in:

Bahamas, Bonaire, Bulgaria, Canada, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Germany, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Holland, Martinique, Nigeria, Poland, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, Virgin Islands (US & UK), Venezuela and incidental business meetings in all other Caribbean countries.  

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